Rules for posting and verifying reviews

Rules for posting and verifying reviews in the Outhorn Online Shop and Mobile App

Reviews at Outhorn - everything you need to know about them

Are you about to buy a new product at Outhorn and wondering if the reviews you read truly come from our customers? We want to clarify how the reviews in our shop work - who posts them, how they are being posted, and how we verify their origins. You will find all the information you need in the article below.


What are reviews and who can post them in the Outhorn Online Shop?

Reviews are your personal assessment, point of view, or judgment, which you can share voluntarily. They not only play an important role in the communities we create but also in the virtual world. Reviews help other users make purchasing decisions or direct their attention to important aspects related to products, the shop, or the supplier. Customers of the Outhorn Online Shop and the Outhorn Mobile App can voluntarily and free of charge rate their purchases. They express their opinions with a 1 to 5-star rating or by posting a comment on a product. In the "Reviews" section, we do not publish any sponsored or paid reviews.

Reviews in the Outhorn Online Shop come from 3 sources:

  • TrustMate - the external tool that helps us collect, select, and, most importantly, verify reviews on our website.
  • Reviews coming from the product page on our website. These, however, can also be posted by buyers who have not logged into their account in the Online Shop. Their reviews are difficult to verify, as we do not know whether the author of the review has bought the product or used it.
  • Outhorn Mobile App - reviews from this source are subject to verification.


Types of reviews

In the "Reviews" section, we provide reviews of the products we sell. We make every effort to ensure that the product reviews presented on the product pages come from people who have actually made a purchase and received an order. However, this is not possible in every case. In order to accommodate this, we present a badge next to each review to indicate whether it has been verified:

  • A verified review is a review that has been confirmed with a purchase on the Outhorn website or in the Outhorn mobile app by linking the author of the review to a specific purchase;
  • An unverified review comes from people whose purchase we are not able to confirm in any way. We do not know whether the author of the review has bought the product or used it.

In order to guarantee the transparency of the "Reviews" section, we take due diligence to ensure that reviews are clearly and correctly labeled.

A label of verified review:


How do reviews work?

Verification of the reviews takes place in cooperation with an external platform. After placing a purchase in the Online Shop or the Outhirn Mobile App, the retailer sends an email to the customer with a feedback request and with a link to an online form that allows writing a review. The form contains questions that need to be answered. The questions are related to your feedback about the retailer and your purchase. The next step is to add a review about the purchased product. If the feedback does not appear after the initial request, the seller will send the invitation again.

In this way, we are able to link the purchase of a specific product to the posted review.

However, we cannot 100% guarantee that the review was written by the consumer who bought or used the product (e.g. the review was written by a person who unlawfully accessed the mailing account provided during placing an order).


How to add a review about your purchase at Outhorn?

Customers who wish to provide feedback about their purchase should tick the relevant checkbox in the ORDER SUMMARY step at checkout.


How to add a review about your purchase in the Outhorn mobile app?

In the Outhorn application, logged in and unlogged users can leave a review. To leave opinions, click the "ADD OPINIONS" button, where you can do so using stars, and then complete the fields: "Name/Nickname", "Opinion".


How is the average of user reviews counted?

The average of user ratings is the sum of verified and unverified reviews divided by their number. The rating presented on the product page is displayed on a 1 to 5-star scale. In Outhorn we publish both positive and negative reviews.


Some final information

Both positive and negative reviews are published in the " Reviews" section. However, opinions must not violate generally applicable laws, the rights of third parties, or the provisions of the applicable rules of procedure.

In terms of the content of the reviews, the Terms and Conditions of the Outhorn Online Store apply, in particular the provision prohibiting the publication of unlawful content.